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Come join us... it's not far... just beyond your comfort zone.

Come join us... it's not far... just beyond your comfort zone.

Let the Lantern guide you

Come join us on a ghost tour around Old Town Spring and Tomball. With only the light of a lantern, your costumed tour guide will lead the way. Hear tales that will chill you to the bone.

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Just back from Bayou City Paranormal Symposium. Had a great time. Penny was invited to be a guest speaker and we hosted a fantastic Ghost Walk with some of the worlds leading paranormal experts, John Zaffis, Greg Lawson, to name but a few.


As darkness falls and the town lies deserted and seemingly asleep, we will take you on a journey, down dark streets and alleyways, the lantern will guide us as you experience chilling tales that will surely change your outlook on the town.

Just a word of caution, stay close. It is not uncommon to hear footsteps, strange noises, someone breathing down the back of your neck.

You may have heard of Old Town Spring, a little ‘turn of the century’ town, revitalized with quaint boutique stores and restaurants. Well all this is true and many visitors make their way there every weekend to spend an enjoyable afternoon taken in by its unique authentic charm.

But the town has a story to tell. At day’s end, after the stores are all locked up and the business folks and visitors have left the town, the streets lay empty and quiet, save for the deafening blast of a passing train’s horn, the ground shuddering as it rolls, slowly past the sleepy town. It’s enough to wake the dead.

Dolls! Why did it have to be dolls?

Dolls! Why did it have to be dolls?

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